Useful little light


I bought this to feed newborn at night without putting on lamp and minimise waking husband. Lovely low light setting and useful automatic switch off mode. Easy to use and looks very slick. The only change I'd make would be a peg style clip so I could clip and unclip to pyjamas with one hand.

Great light!


I bought this for my 9 year old daughter as a night light. She's had several other night lights, but they've never lasted that long.
Meemoo is really easy to use and hold. I use the lowest setting to produce a nice glow for her room when she's sleeping and she likes the 3 light levels. I also like the light as it's minimal, stylish and effective. I would highly recommend this product.


The best thing we bought for baby


This is by far the best piece of equipment that we bought for our baby (and I did umm and ahh over it because it's so expensive for what it is, but I'd pay double now!).
I clip this to myself for night feeds and I genuinely credit it for my baby being super settled at night.
He seems to now recognise it as a cue that it's bedtime and will go to sleep instantly after a feed meaning he is never a terror at night and always goes down easily. Even when we have a full on nappy change, if I keep the meelight on he seems to settle really quickly when back in bed - which is saying something, as he NEVER sleeps during the day and has terrible colic during waking hours.
We used it from birth as our nightlight for my night feeding and it's really become the most important thing we take with us any where (little one is 9 weeks now).
I can't recommend this enough!


Having received a Meelight as a baby gift, I was a little sceptical as to how useful it would be, but after a week of night feeds the Meelight has proved to be invaluable.
The light emitted is subtle, warm and unobtrusive allowing baby to be fed without being 'shocked' fully awake by using the main house lighting, and allowing minimum disturbance for the non-feeding parent. The high light setting, whilst still soft, is ample for night time nappy duty.
The simple controling of Meelight also means less hassle for tired Mum for those small hours feeds.
Using the Meelight intermitently throughout the night has given 3-4 days of use between charges.
All in all a comforting, and useful aid that really does help reduce the disruption of sleep for parents and causes minimum disturbance for baby.


This is a very well designed and useful product. It emits a warm yellow light with adjustable intensity which means that it does not bother my baby's sleep or ours. It is light ad portable so can easily attach onto clothes and you can carry it with you while taking care of the baby in the dark. Overall great product!


Beautiful, tactile, stylish product.

Very simple and easy to use, makes all those night time feeds and nappy changes so much easier. The warm, soft, glow keeps my baby girl sleepy and calm and the clip makes the light portable and hands free - great for those middle of the night nappy changes.

I know it will grow with us - looking forward to using it on the constant low light setting to use as a night light once my baby girl moves into her own room in a few weeks.

Great to have a baby product that looks sleek and stylish to appeal to the parents too!


Super useful and versatile light with a lovely colour glow. Very useful for helping ensure my little one is feeding properly and the lower light levels are great at ensuring shes not woken up fully so she goes right back off to sleep after. (Well - most of the time).

My older one wanted one too as soon as she saw it, so I ended up buying two. Handy dock so the battery never runs out.


I purchased the Meelight for my anxious 10-year-old daughter who would regularly wake at night, afraid of the dark and would automatically jump out of bed to switch every available main light on. Her night waking’s were becoming more and more frequent (3/4 times a night) and getting her to return to sleep afterwards was becoming lengthy, stressful (sometimes tearful) and disturbing for other family members. We had tried most traditional children's night lights but nothing seemed to help. Within a few days of using Meelight, her night wakings and general anxiety levels at night were greatly reduced. No longer did she automatically reach for main bedroom lights when she woke. Instead simply reaching out for her Meelight. Trips to the bathroom at night are now taken largely in the dark. She carries the light in her hand to make the trip, re-docks it when she returns and falls back to sleep with less fuss.

The product itself is stylish, discrete and simple to use and has quickly become an invaluable tool for helping my daughter (and the rest of the household) to cope with her night time wakings. I only wish I had discovered this light earlier!