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Meemoobaby launches Meelight night light - helping parents see to feed and care for their baby

We love our new product - Meelight - the ultimate night light - dimmable, portable, wearable & rechargeable, with an optional timer function - perfect for seeing to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby, change a nappy or read a story in the dark.

What's so different about this night light?

Well, the soft golden glow of Meelight minimises blue light content, helping your baby settle back to sleep with ease. And Meelight goes where you go - it can be cleverly attached to clothes using the Meeclip accessory, so you can see to do the job in hand and have your hands free at the same time - perfect wearable technology for parents. The simple one button design allows you to select the timer function on one of the three light levels, making Meelight simple to use in the dark - perfect for those sleep-deprived night-time wakings! An extra bonus is that on the lowest light level, Meelight lasts a whopping 48 hours before it needs recharging - and only takes 1 hour to recharge when it's placed on the charging base - great technology and designed to be safe. The low power leds stay cool to touch and Meelight has been tested thoroughly to all electronic, mechanical and chemical safety standards - this is our baby and we want it to be perfect; safety is so important.

How did the idea come about?

The Meelight journey has been amazing, diverse, challenging and fun! Mum of three and company founder and designer Julia Kelly experienced the challenges of seeing well enough to feed and care for her first baby in the dark, without over-stimulating baby or parents. Up until now, parents of babies and children have been coping at night any which way they could - using bedside lamps, phones, leaving the hall light on, even torches, but nothing did the job well enough.

Working with her brother, Steve Gould, an electronic engineering whizz, the sibling pair set about designing the ultimate nightlight. Taking an idea and turning it into a commercial product is no mean feat, (especially when the designer and engineer live on different continents!), but perseverance has always been their motto and combined with some great skill sets, steely determination and good old sibling love, Meelight was born.

What's so wrong with blue light?

Did you know that blue light doesn't actually look blue, but is part of the white light spectrum? Many night lights and screens can contain high levels of blue light which is scientifically linked to tricking our brains into thinking it's daytime - not what you want when trying to settle a baby (or yourself!) down to sleep after a feed in the depths of night!

Meelight's soft golden glow has been specially chosen for its low blue light content - helping you and your baby get a great sleep, because we all know that a good sleep for babies and parents makes the world a happier place!

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