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Ideas, journeys and safety checks - it's all been happening at Meelight!

So exciting that Meelight is now in stock at Cheeky Rascals - our fantastic UK distributor:

Ideas and time zones!

It's been a long and sometimes treacherous journey to get to this point though - I never thought it would be such hard work when myself and my brother Stephen began a couple of years back. Some might say it's tricky working with a sibling but for us it's been great - when distance has separated us geographically, Meelight has brought us together. With Stephen's electronic engineer experience and my design background we make a perfect team - it's just the late night and early morning Skypes that are not so convenient! With Stephen in the US and me in the UK, plus the factory in China, there is always someone who should be asleep!

The initial idea was by far the easy bit of the process - but as we discovered, moving it on to the next stage - developing a real product - is so much harder. Along the way we have received umpteen samples which have been amended and refined to achieve the final product we have today.


Safety and more safety!

Although Meelight is not a toy, it is used in close proximity to babies and children, so safety is paramount for us. During this process Meelight has passed all relevant tests and safety certifications - and my word there's a lot of them! From toxicity tests to electronics and battery tests to drop tests, we've done them all! As a mother of three and having always been known as a bit of an over-cautious 'safety officer' - I could not let a product go onto the market which had not been thoroughly tested.


Journeys and more journeys!

The most exciting part of our journey was in fact a journey - to China! Visiting the factory was key in ensuring control over the manufacturing of our product. Certainly not a holiday but a truly amazing cultural experience nonetheless. And so Meelight finally began its own journey on a cargo ship to the UK and on to the warehouse.


Yet more checking!

Last week, I spent the (pretty much only sunny!) day, in a warehouse conducting a final check of our order. It was truly beyond exciting to see so many Meelight's all packaged up and ready to go - in fact the first order was despatched whilst I was there! The final QC was a success and I left the warehouse feeling elated and with a rather large slice of pride!

A glimpse of our journey, from cute factory puppy to happy factory worker in China to interesting food, to the finished product and the Meelight shoot, it's been an adventure!

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