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Meelight - the importance of feedback and more feedback...

This blog entry is dedicated to everyone and anyone who has given Meemoobaby feedback along the way - both past and future! We vow to never stop listening!

We all need feedback of some sort in our lives, whether it involves making a life-changing decision, an opinion on a new item of clothing or even which film to see at the cinema - feedback is often part of the process we engage in to help us to make decisions.

Right from the beginning, way back at the 'lightbulb' moment, we had oodles of confidence that Meelight night light would be successful, initially for breastfeeding, but ultimately helping parents to see to feed and care for their baby or child at night. But we all know that confidence in itself is not enough. It was crucial that we looked at constant feedback during the design and production process.

Everyone knows that it's not healthy to design in a vacuum, without any outside influences or opinions. Validation from outside sources for new product development is key.

From potential customers at the initial idea and prototype stage, through to super helpful advice from our UK distributor,, to feedback from CE testing labs as to the suitability of Meelight nightlight for our market, feedback from the factory as to ease of manufacturability and of course let's not forget our feedback from customers who have purchased their very own Meelight!

One of Meelight's many mottos is to keep checking, keep learning and keep applying new knowledge. But at the same time always keeping our eye on the ball and not moving too far away from the original design concept.


One source of feedback we made a conscious effort not to look for was from friends and family. In fact, Project Meelight was not really discussed outside of direct family circles. It was far more important to listen to real customers and professionals than over-polite friends and family who perhaps could be too eager to please!

Some of the most inspiring feedback sessions we attended were at mum and baby drop-in playgroups in local halls and community centres - (at least 10 miles from home to ensure complete anonymity!). To see the 'I totally get it ' expressions on peoples' faces when they saw the images and prototype was absolutely amazing - our potential customers really understood the concept and end use of Meelight.

At that point that we really really knew we were onto something.

So far so good - after great feedback from distributors and retailers we were even more certain that we had a winning product on our hands. Another box ticked, but still a way to go.

Some minor design tweaks followed once CE testing labs had analysed Meelight to within an inch of its life and again once the technical stuff had a few changes after yet more feedback we were almost ready.

Just a couple more little amendments from the factory to ensure Meelight was easily manufacturable and we were there - after so many rounds of feedback and advice we were ready to push the button for production - yippee!


And it goes without saying, the most important feedback giver of all is the customer and end user.

So far so good though on this front - Meelight has had some great reviews and the one listed at the top of this post is on the Cheeky Rascals website:

We're not just pleased that a customer is happy - we genuinely are over the moon when Meelight makes a difference to a parent's, baby's or child's life; exactly what we set out to do.

Meelight helps you to see and we love to listen! We will always analyse any feedback we receive and make amendments if we feel it's appropriate and possible. Meelight users are on the front line of baby and child care and if we can do more to help then we will!

Interacting with parents is so important so we can learn, adapt and develop on our journey, to reflect our customers' needs.


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