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How to light the night, from breastfeeding to beyond (and not wake the whole house up!)

Simple nightshift facts:

Babies and children wake up at night

It’s dark at night

Parents need to see what they’re doing without turning the main light on

We all need to get back to sleep!

“So, what’s the best way for parents to see to feed and care for baby in the dark?”

“And what do children do when they’re older and still need a bit of light in their night time lives?”

It was her personal experience as a mum of three, that led Julia Kelly to design Meelight. Like many new mums she struggled to see well enough to latch-on and breastfeed each of her babies at night.

Although seeing to breastfeed at night led to the initial ‘lightbulb’ (ha ha!) moment, it became clear that Meelight is the perfect night light to see to do all sorts of baby care things at night, from bottle feeding and nappy changing to a reassuring cuddle.

We all know it’s so hard to fumble around in the dark with a newborn when you’re sleep deprived, so a bit of gentle light on any of those night time jobs is a necessity. Thankfully, Meelight’s soothing soft golden glow is just enough to help you see what you’re doing and helps everyone settle back to sleep quickly, without being fully woken or over-stimulated by bright light. And as Meelight’s wearable, you can be hands-free for those tricky night time tasks - making life on the nightshift easier for the whole family – what’s not to like?!

“Meelight can grow with your family and get maximum use by all”

But although Meelight is undeniably essential to use around a newborn or infant, it’s still super-useful once your child stops waking to be breastfed, bottle fed or have their nappy changed at night.

In this often-disposable day and age, our eco-conscience says to invest in products that have longevity of use, but it’s hard to be a new parent consumer these days – so many products to choose from and so easy to get lured in to buy stuff that doesn’t get used for long (or at all)!

Meemoobaby have taken this on board as one of their key philosophies, ensuring that Meelight is usable from birth through to toddler, older child and adult…keeping it in a family’s life and out of landfill for longer. Plus, Meelight is rechargeable, uber-convenient and also there’s no disposable batteries to throw away – win-win!

Here’s how Meelight’s being used by its older fans who don’t want to switch the main light on:

  • A normal night light sitting on the bedside table for those older children who don’t like pitch black at night but need some gentle light for reassurance.

  • Potty training – a gentle glow helping you see just enough (but not too much 💩!)

  • Night time loo trips for pregnant mums who are struggling to last the night without a wee!

  • Reading a bed time story to your little one without the glare of the main light.

  • Attaching Meelight to a car seat on late night journeys

  • Checking on and comforting an unwell child and administering medicine or a cuddle

  • Adults who want to read at night can wear a Meelight and not disturb their partner who wants the main lights off!

  • Teens who have pretended to their parents that their lights are off but are secretly reading under the covers!

  • Leaving a Meelight around the house to show off to friends – its lovely aesthetics and gorgeous glow are always a talking point!

What would you use your Meelight for?

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