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If your Meelight does not turn on, or the Red charging light does not come on, here is something you can try.

  • Press the black Reset button on the underside of your Meelight using a pen or paperclip

  • Please note the Reset button is slightly recessed

Reset button
Frequently Asked Questions
Meelight and your baby or child
  • Please remember, Meelight is not a toy - never allow a baby or child to play with the light, charging base, Meeclip, USB lead or adapter.  

  • All product parts and packaging should be kept out of or away from a child's reach.

  • Keep all cables out of reach and away from babies and children as they can be a strangulation hazard - the charging base should be placed at least 1 metre from a baby's cot or child's bed.

  • Do not sleep whilst wearing the Meelight or Meeclip.

  • Do not allow your baby to teethe on the Meelight or put any product parts in their mouth.

Meelight and safety regulations

Meelight has been designed and manufactured to meet all relevant safety regulations and has been tested by independent laboratories.


  • Phthalate free.

  • Tested to relevant parts of EN71-1 - mechanical and physical safety.

  • RoHS and REACH - no hazardous substances are present in Meelight - eg lead, cadmium and other harmful materials.

  • The electronics have been designed and manufactured to a high standard, meeting all necessary approvals.

  • The lithium-ion battery has been tested to strict guidelines and has passed all relevant safety standards.

The Environment

We take the environment seriously here at Meelight:



  • The specially chosen LEDs used in Meelight are low power.

  • Meelight packaging is made from 50% recycled content and is 100% recyclable.

  • When your product reaches the end of its life, please dispose of it separately from your household waste and take it to a collection point designated by your local authority.